That's right Ladies and Gentlemen and Folks of all sorts! KLAXO Effervescent Tablets has the deal for you! 

YOU! You looking at this website right now!

Think you can you solve the mystery of Lady Detective Kat Keene's final show? 


Tune in, listen along and turn that radio dial to

help Detective Kat decide where to investigate next! Make the right choices and Kat solves the mystery!


Just don't go exploring on channels you're not supposed to... you might hear something  YOU WONT LIKE.




Klaxo’s Radio Hour is an interactive narrative installation set around 1940’s radio designed by Jesse Vigil and Martzi Campos. Inspired by their mutual love of old radio programs and circuit bending, they took apart a toy Halloween prop,  wrote and recorded a (mostly) period-appropriate radio script with choice points and multiple endings!
Players must navigate the branching story by tuning to different radio channels when prompted by the radio, to help the main character Kat Keene crack her case, but only true sleuths with discover what lurks on the 'empty' channels and how to solve the radio's curse! 
PC/ Mac Download




Meet the Team


  • Sarah Elmaleh - Kat Keene

  • Michael Annetta - Carlton Prescott

  • Martzi Campos - Marjory Banks

  • Erin Shaver - Evelyn Drake

  • Patrick Quah - Charlie Gilbert

  • Derek Stockwell-Authur Erikson

  • Jesse Vigil- The Announcer

  • Collin Kelly- Klaxo Sponsor

  • Sam Roberts- Captain Hughes

  • Sean Bouchard -Bartender

  • Amanda Powers- Secretary


Music by

Kyle Laporte

Programming Support 

Sean Bouchard


Jesse Vigil

Jesse Vigil is an award winning writer and game developer, as well as passionate storyteller. He is the

co-founder of LA-based creative studio Psychic Bunny, and co-conspirator on multiple audio-based experiences including the award-winning audio adventure game FREEQ, and the tabletop RPG/audio drama hybrid CHAMPIONS OF THE EARTH. He is absolutely not the lead designer and puppeteer of a long-running secret Alternate Reality Game. That’s crazy.

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Martzi Campos

Martzi Campos is an interactive artist. Her work focuses on combing her installation art background with digital technology and interactive design to create magical experiences. She has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design with a focus on Installation art, and a MFA from the University of southern California in interactive media and game.

find more of her work at

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