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AR Box

Everything you need to turn your home, office, or any other space into Location Based Entertainment

What is ARBox?

More than just an escape room in a box

The core concept of ARBox revolves around making augmented reality more than just what you can see through the screen of a phone, and instead augmenting the entire reality of its players. ARBox is designed to have actions you take in the virtual world reflected in the real world—from triggering smart lights in your home when you touch ghostly glyphs only seen with the screen to unlocking a real chest when you align AR lasers using your phone as a “mirror” to reflect the beams.  Likewise, real-world actions change what can be seen in AR—arranging real objects in a special order reveals new magical elements to be explored while talking to an agent on a smart speaker accesses puzzle elements that need to be manipulated in AR. ​


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Playthrough  Video 


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